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com.griddynamics.jagger.engine.e1.collector.invocation.InvocationListener< Q, R, E > Class Reference

Listener, executed before, after invocation. More...

Inheritance diagram for com.griddynamics.jagger.engine.e1.collector.invocation.InvocationListener< Q, R, E >:


class  Composer< Q, R, E >
 Class is used by Jagger for sequential execution of several listeners
Not required for custom test listeners. More...

Public Member Functions

void onError (InvocationInfo< Q, R, E > invocationInfo, Throwable error)
 Method is executed when invocation was interrupted by some error. More...
void onFail (InvocationInfo< Q, R, E > invocationInfo, InvocationException e)
 Method is executed when some invocation exception happens or some validator failed. More...
void onStart (InvocationInfo< Q, R, E > invocationInfo)
 Method is executed before invocation starts. More...
void onSuccess (InvocationInfo< Q, R, E > invocationInfo)
 Method is executed when invocation finished successfully. More...

Detailed Description

Listener, executed before, after invocation.

Gribov Kirill

IMPORTANT: listener code will be executed during every invocation = every request to SUT
Try to avoid slow operations in invocation listener code. They will slow down your workload

Possible applications for invocation listener:

  • Collect some parameters during test run and save as metrics

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