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com.griddynamics.jagger.engine.e1.collector.loadscenario.LoadScenarioListener Class Reference

Listener, executed before and after test suite. More...

Inheritance diagram for com.griddynamics.jagger.engine.e1.collector.loadscenario.LoadScenarioListener:


class  Composer
 Class is used by Jagger for sequential execution of several listeners
Not required for custom test listeners. More...

Public Member Functions

void onStart (LoadScenarioInfo loadScenarioInfo)
 Method is executed before test suite starts. More...
void onStop (LoadScenarioInfo loadScenarioInfo)
 Method is executed after test suite stops. More...

Detailed Description

Listener, executed before and after test suite.

Gribov Kirill

Possible applications for test suite listener:

  • Check some setup before executing of test suite (f.e. via properties)
  • Provide smoke tests before test suite
  • Add some resume to session comment after test suite is over

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