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com.griddynamics.jagger.engine.e1.services.DefaultSessionInfoService Class Reference

Implementation of the SessionInfoService
. More...

Inheritance diagram for com.griddynamics.jagger.engine.e1.services.DefaultSessionInfoService:

Public Member Functions

void appendToComment (String st)
 Append string to current session comment. More...
 DefaultSessionInfoService (NodeContext context)
String getComment ()
 Returns current session comment. More...
Set< String > getSessionTags ()
 Returns tags which already marked the session. More...
boolean isAvailable ()
 Reports if service is available. More...
void markSessionWithTag (String tagName)
 Marks session with tag. More...
void saveOrUpdateTag (String tagName, String tagDescription)
 Creates new or update existing tag. More...
void setComment (String comment)
 Set new session comment. More...

Detailed Description

Implementation of the SessionInfoService


Service gives ability to create and modify session metadata (such as session comment)
Where this service is available you can find in chapter: Services

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