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com.griddynamics.jagger.engine.e1.services.data.service.SessionEntity Class Reference

Class is a model of session. More...


class  IdComparator

Public Member Functions

boolean equals (Object o)
String getComment ()
 Get session comment. More...
Date getEndDate ()
 Get stop time. More...
String getId ()
 Get session id. More...
Integer getKernels ()
 Get number of kernels used for workload generation. More...
Date getStartDate ()
 Get start time. More...
int hashCode ()
void setComment (String comment)
void setEndDate (Date endDate)
void setId (String id)
void setKernels (Integer kernels)
void setStartDate (Date startDate)
String toString ()

Detailed Description

Class is a model of session.

Gribov Kirill

SessionEntity is used to get test results from database with use of DataService

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