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com.griddynamics.jagger.engine.e1.services.data.service.TestEntity Class Reference

Class is a model of test. More...

Public Member Functions

boolean equals (Object o)
Integer getClockValue ()
 Get numerical value of the load for this test. More...
Decision getDecision ()
 Get decision per test if limits based decision maker was used during this test. More...
String getDescription ()
 Get test description. More...
Long getId ()
 Get test id (aka task id) - unique id of this test. More...
String getLoad ()
 Get description of the load for this test. More...
String getName ()
 Get test name in format [test group name] [test name]. More...
Date getStartDate ()
 Get start date. More...
TaskDataDto getTaskDataDto ()
 Get internal test model. More...
String getTerminationStrategy ()
 Get description of the termination strategy for this test. More...
Decision getTestExecutionStatus ()
 Get status of execution of this test. More...
Integer getTestGroupIndex ()
 Get index of test group where this test was executed. More...
int hashCode ()
void setClockValue (Integer clockValue)
void setDecision (Decision decision)
void setDescription (String description)
void setId (Long id)
void setLoad (String load)
void setName (String name)
void setStartDate (Date startDate)
void setTaskDataDto (TaskDataDto taskDataDto)
void setTerminationStrategy (String terminationStrategy)
void setTestExecutionStatus (Decision testExecutionStatus)
void setTestGroupIndex (Integer testGroupIndex)
String toString ()

Detailed Description

Class is a model of test.

TestEntity is used to get test results from database with use of DataService

Gribov Kirill

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