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com.griddynamics.jagger.user.test.configurations.JParallelTestsGroup Class Reference

Describes step in the JLoadScenario execution sequence
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class  Builder

Public Member Functions

List< Provider
< TestGroupDecisionMakerListener > > 
getDecisionMakerListeners ()
String getId ()
List< Provider
< TestGroupListener > > 
getListeners ()
List< JLoadTestgetTests ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Builder builder (Id id, List< JLoadTest > tests)
 Builder of the JParallelTestsGroup
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static Builder builder (Id id, JLoadTest test, JLoadTest...tests)
 Builder of the JParallelTestsGroup
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Detailed Description

Describes step in the JLoadScenario execution sequence


Parallel test group is a step in the JLoadScenario execution sequence. It can contain one ore multiple JLoadTest. All JLoadTest inside group will be executed in parallel.
See Load scenario for more details

More information on the parameter of the test definition, you can find in the Builder documentation

Code example:

// begin: following section is used for docu generation - Load test scenario configuration
public class SimpleJLoadScenarioProvider {
public JLoadScenario exampleSimpleJaggerLoadScenario() {
JTestDefinition jTestDefinition = JTestDefinition.builder(Id.of("td_example"), new EndpointsProvider()).build();
JLoadProfile jLoadProfileRps = JLoadProfileRps.builder(RequestsPerSecond.of(10)).withMaxLoadThreads(10).withWarmUpTimeInMilliseconds(10000).build();
JTerminationCriteria jTerminationCriteria = JTerminationCriteriaIterations.of(IterationsNumber.of(500), MaxDurationInSeconds.of(30));
JLoadTest jLoadTest = JLoadTest.builder(Id.of("lt_example"), jTestDefinition, jLoadProfileRps, jTerminationCriteria).build();
JParallelTestsGroup jParallelTestsGroup = JParallelTestsGroup.builder(Id.of("ptg_example"), jLoadTest).build();
// To launch your load scenario, set 'jagger.load.scenario.id.to.execute' property's value equal to the load scenario id
// You can do it via system properties or in the 'environment.properties' file
return JLoadScenario.builder(Id.of("ls_example"), jParallelTestsGroup).build();
// end: following section is used for docu generation - Load test scenario configuration

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