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com.griddynamics.jagger.user.test.configurations.load.JLoadProfileRps Class Reference

This type of load implements an exact number of requests per second performed by Jagger. More...

Inheritance diagram for com.griddynamics.jagger.user.test.configurations.load.JLoadProfileRps:


class  Builder

Public Member Functions

long getMaxLoadThreads ()
long getRequestsPerSecond ()
int getTickInterval ()
long getWarmUpTimeInMilliseconds ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Builder builder (RequestsPerSecond requestsPerSecond)
 Builder of the JLoadProfileRps: request per seconds
. More...

Detailed Description

This type of load implements an exact number of requests per second performed by Jagger.

Request is invoke from Jagger without waiting for the response. Available attributes:

  • requestsPerSecond - A goal number of requests per second

Optional attributes:

  • maxLoadThreads - Maximum number of parallel threads allowed for load generation
  • warmUpTimeInMilliseconds - Load will increase from 0 to requestsPerSecond in this time


Requests per seconds load with warm up time

Example of load balancing with changing response time:
In this example, response time is changing periodically from approx 0 to 200 ms. Load generator is keeping load at 50 rps by adjusting number of virtual users

Response time from the SUT is changing
Number of request per seconds has constant rate due to the number of virtual users balancing
Adjustment of virtual users

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