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com.griddynamics.jagger.user.test.configurations.load.JLoadProfileUserGroups Class Reference

This load is a list of user groups JLoadProfileUsers running in parallel. More...

Inheritance diagram for com.griddynamics.jagger.user.test.configurations.load.JLoadProfileUserGroups:


class  Builder

Public Member Functions

int getDelayBetweenInvocationsInMilliseconds ()
int getTickInterval ()
List< JLoadProfileUsersgetUserGroups ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Builder builder (JLoadProfileUsers userGroup)
 Builder of the JLoadProfileUserGroups
. More...
static Builder builder (JLoadProfileUsers userGroup, JLoadProfileUsers...userGroups)
 Builder of the JLoadProfileUserGroups
. More...

Detailed Description

This load is a list of user groups JLoadProfileUsers running in parallel.

Every such user group imitates a group of threads. Threads will start sequentially. Thus you are able to create load ramp-up and rump-down with this load type. You can configure a number of threads by attributes of user group.

Available attributes:

  • numberOfUsers - A goal number of threads.
  • lifeTimeInSeconds - Describes how long threads will be alive. Default is 2 days.
  • startDelayInSeconds - Delay before first thread will start. Default is 0.
  • slewRateUsersPerSecond - Describes how many threads to start during every iteration. Default is numberOfUsers value.

You can set optional attribute delayBetweenInvocationsInMilliseconds to specify delay in milliseconds between invocations (default value is 0s).


JLoadProfileUsers u1 = JLoadProfileUsers.builder(NumberOfUsers.of(10)).withStartDelayInSeconds(0).withLifeTimeInSeconds(80).build();
JLoadProfileUsers u2 = JLoadProfileUsers.builder(NumberOfUsers.of(10)).withStartDelayInSeconds(20).withLifeTimeInSeconds(80).build();
JLoadProfileUsers u3 = JLoadProfileUsers.builder(NumberOfUsers.of(10)).withStartDelayInSeconds(40).withLifeTimeInSeconds(80).build();
JLoadProfileUserGroups.builder(u1, u2, u3).build();
Multiple user groups load with allows to build complex load profiles

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