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com.griddynamics.jagger.user.test.configurations.load.JLoadProfileUsers Class Reference

This class represents a group of virtual users. More...


class  Builder

Public Member Functions

long getLifeTimeInSeconds ()
long getNumberOfUsers ()
double getSlewRateUsersPerSecond ()
long getStartDelayInSeconds ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Builder builder (NumberOfUsers numberOfUsers)
 Builder of the JLoadProfileUsers
. More...

Detailed Description

This class represents a group of virtual users.

Available attributes:

  • numberOfUsers - A goal number of threads.
  • lifeTimeInSeconds - Describes how long threads will be alive. Default is 2 days.
  • startDelayInSeconds - Delay before first thread will start. Default is 0.
  • slewRateUsersPerSecond - Describes how many threads to start during every iteration. Default is numberOfUsers value.


JLoadProfileUsers u = JLoadProfileUsers.builder(NumberOfUsers.of(5)).withStartDelayInSeconds(10).build();
User group load with start delay

JLoadProfileUsers u = JLoadProfileUsers.builder(NumberOfUsers.of(20)).withSlewRateUsersPerSecond(1).build();
User group load with slew rate

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