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Components and execution modes

Section describes components of the test framework and different execution configurations

Overview of the components

We can separate components of the framework to the following groups:

  • Results storage and representation components
    • Test results data base. MySQL and H2 are supported
    • Web UI - web application to present and share test results
    • JaaS - Jagger as a Service - REST API to access test results and control test execution in CI
    • JaaS data base - storage for JaaS. MySQL and H2 are supported
  • Load generating components
    • Master/Coordinator - central component to control load generation
    • Kernel - load generating component
  • Monitoring components
    • Monitoring agent
  • CI integration components
    • Deployment Jenkins plugin - allows to run test framework in the single node or distributed mode
    • JaaS Jenkins plugin - allow to submit tests to the framework running as a test server