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| \Njagger
|  oNengine
|  |\Ne1
|  | oNcollector
|  | |oNinvocation
|  | |oNloadscenario
|  | |oNtest
|  | |oNtestgroup
|  | |oCAvgMetricAggregatorProviderCalculates average value on the interval
|  | |oCDefaultResponseValidatorProviderDefault implementation of $ResponseValidatorProvider which provides instances of $ResponseValidator using reflection and a mandatory constructor for $ResponseValidator instances
Created by Andrey Badaev Date: 13/12/16
|  | |oCExampleResponseValidatorProviderExample ResponseValidatorProvider implementation aimed to demonstrate process of passing a value to a dynamically created instances of ResponseValidator
|  | |oCJHttpResponseStatusValidatorValidates JHttpResponse status code
|  | |oCJHttpResponseStatusValidatorProviderProvides default response status validator JHttpResponseStatusValidator
|  | |oCMaxMetricAggregatorProviderCalculates max value on the interval
|  | |oCMetricAggregator< C extends Number >Aggregates raw data, available after test, to final value that will be saved to database
|  | |oCMetricAggregatorSettingsClass that describes settings of aggregator
|  | |oCMetricDescriptionClass to describe metric
|  | |oCMinMetricAggregatorProviderCalculates min value on the interval
|  | |oCNotNullResponseValidatorValidates that invocation result is not null
|  | |oCPercentileAggregatorProviderCalculates percentile value on the interval
|  | |oCResponseValidator< Q, E, R >Validates the result of invocation
|  | |oCResponseValidatorProviderProvides instances of a $ResponseValidator class
Created by Andrey Badaev Date: 14/12/16
|  | |oCStdDevMetricAggregatorProviderCalculates standard deviation on the interval
|  | |oCSuccessRateAggregatorProviderCalculates accumulative success rate from data collected by SuccessRateCollector<Q,R,E>
|  | |oCSuccessRateFailsAggregatorProviderCalculates accumulative number of failed invokes from data collected by SuccessRateCollector<Q,R,E>
|  | |\CSumMetricAggregatorProviderCalculates summary of all values on interval
|  | \Nservices
|  |  oNdata
|  |  oCDataServiceService provides access to tests results, stored in the Jagger database
|  |  oCDefaultDataServiceImplementation of the DataService
|  |  oCDefaultMetricServiceImplementation of the MetricService
|  |  oCDefaultSessionInfoServiceImplementation of the SessionInfoService
|  |  oCJaggerServiceInternal Jagger service that can be used in custom components
|  |  oCMetricServiceService gives an ability to create and describe metrics, save metric values
|  |  \CSessionInfoServiceService gives ability to create and modify session metadata(such as session comment)
|  oNinvoker
|  |oNscenario
|  ||oCCopyUtil
|  ||oCDefaultAggregatorsProviderUtil for default metric aggregators providers access
|  ||oCJHttpScenarioGlobalContextGlobal context for JHttpUserScenario which is used for storing global parameters: endpoints, headers, etc
|  ||oCJHttpUserScenarioThis class is a representation of user scenario - sequence of the related http requests Can be invoked by JHttpUserScenarioInvoker
|  ||oCJHttpUserScenarioInvocationListenerCollects metrics during invocations of JHttpUserScenarioInvoker such as Success rate, Iteration samples and Latency
|  |||\CBuilder
|  ||oCJHttpUserScenarioInvocationResultResult of user scenario invocation provided by JHttpUserScenarioInvoker
|  ||oCJHttpUserScenarioInvokerThis invoker is able to execute user scenarios (JHttpUserScenario)
|  ||oCJHttpUserScenarioInvokerProviderProvider for JHttpUserScenarioInvoker
|  ||oCJHttpUserScenarioStepRepresents a single step (http request) in the user scenario (JHttpUserScenario)
|  |||\CBuilder
|  ||\CJHttpUserScenarioStepInvocationResultResult of user scenario step (JHttpUserScenarioStep) invocation
|  |oNv2Package for test definition of http load tests
|  ||oCAbstractHttpInvoker< HTTP_CLIENT extends JHttpClient >An object that represents abstract HTTP-invoker that invokes services of SuT via http protocol
|  ||oCDefaultHttpInvokerDefault HTTP-invoker that invokes services of SuT via http(s) protocol
|  ||oCDefaultInvokerProviderImplementation of Provider<Invoker> which uses a default no-arguments constructor of provided subclass of Invoker to create it's instances
|  ||oCJHttpClientAn object that represents HTTP-client
|  ||oCJHttpEndpointAn object that represents HTTP-endpoint
|  |||\CProtocolEnum representing HTTP and HTTPS protocols
|  ||oCJHttpQuery< T >An object that represents HTTP-request
|  ||oCJHttpResponse< T >An object that represents HTTP-response
|  ||\CSpringBasedHttpClientImplementation of JHttpClient
|  || oCAllowAllCodesResponseErrorHandler
|  || \CJSpringBasedHttpClientParametersValues: JSpringBasedHttpClientParameters#DEFAULT_URI_VARIABLES, JSpringBasedHttpClientParameters#ERROR_HANDLER, JSpringBasedHttpClientParameters#MESSAGE_CONVERTERS, JSpringBasedHttpClientParameters#URI_TEMPLATE_HANDLER, JSpringBasedHttpClientParameters#INTERCEPTORS, JSpringBasedHttpClientParameters#REQUEST_FACTORY
|  |oCCircularExclusiveAccessLoadBalancer< Q, E >Subclass of ExclusiveAccessLoadBalancer that circularly selects pairs of Q and E
|  |oCExclusiveAccessLoadBalancer< Q, E >This com.griddynamics.jagger.invoker.LoadBalancer implementation provides guarantees that each query and endpoint pair will be in exclusive access, i.e
|  |oCInvoker< Q, R, E >Responsible for action invocation on specified endpoint and query
|  |oCLoadBalancer< Q, E >An object which provides pairs of queries and endpoints for Invoker
|  |oCNonCircularExclusiveAccessLoadBalancer< Q, E >Subclass of ExclusiveAccessLoadBalancer that provides each pair of Q and E only once (does not circle an iteration)
|  |oCOneByOneLoadBalancer< Q, E >Schedules queries across endpoints one by one
|  |oCPairSupplierFactoryLoadBalancer< Q, E >
|  |oCQueryPoolLoadBalancer< Q, E >LoadBalancer which uses query and endpoint provider
|  |oCRandomLoadBalancer< Q, E >Randomly selects pairs of Q and E
|  |oCRoundRobinLoadBalancer< Q, E >Encapsulates Round-Robin algorithm
|  |oCSimpleCircularLoadBalancer< Q, E >Circularly selects pairs of Q and E
|  |\CSimpleLoadBalancer< Q, E >Contains only one query and endpoint
|  \Nuser
|   \Ntest
|    \Nconfigurations
|     oNauxiliary
|     oNlimits
|     oNload
|     oNloadbalancer
|     oNtermination
|     oCJLoadScenarioDescribes the execution sequence of the load tests during single run
|     oCJLoadTestDescribes the instance of a load test performed by Jagger
|     oCJParallelTestsGroupDescribes step in the JLoadScenario execution sequence
|     \CJTestDefinitionDefinition of the load test - describes test data sources and the protocol, used during load test
oCCustomHttpInvokerProviderAn example of Provider<Invoker> implementation through which custom data can be passed to new instances of a custom Invoker at runtime
oCJaggerPropertiesProviderThis class is needed to provide Jagger environment properties and test properties
oCJLoadScenarioProviderBy extending JaggerPropertiesProvider you get access to all Jagger properties and test properties