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Besides access to the test results via Web UI you can generate pdf report for particular test execution

PDF report generation

PDF report contains detailed information about test results for particular execution of the load scenario
In the report you can find:

  • general information about test session
  • summary values for all metrics and validators with decisions
    Example of pdf report summary section
  • detailed information for all metrics
    Example of pdf report details section
    Report is generated:
    • every time when you are running load scenario from the command line.
      You can find it the same folder where load scenario was executed
    • via JaaS Reporting REST API
      Example of the request:
    • from the command line
      After building your test project, you can generate test report for any session in your results DB with the same start.sh script like you are using to start load scenario. Just pass different properties to this script and define test session id Example:
      ./start.sh ./profiles/reporter/environment-reporter.properties -Dreport.session.id=1