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JaaS installation

Section describes installation of the JaaS

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Installation with docker

Fast way to install JaaS - download and run docker image.
Details, you can find in Local installation

Installation with embedded server

JaaS based on Spring Boot, so its properties can be configured using one of Spring Boot ways -
Boot External Config

You can download JaaS .jar file at: http://nexus.griddynamics.net/nexus/content//repositories/public/com/griddynamics/jagger/jaas/2.0/jaas-2.0.jar
To launch JaaS execute:

java -jar jaas-${build.finalName}.jar -Dserver.port=8081

By default JaaS is listening on port 8080. To change it just override property "server.port" like in the example above.
JaaS is working with two data bases. One is used to hold JaaS state and another is Jagger test results DB