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com.griddynamics.jagger.engine.e1.collector.test.TestInfo Class Reference

Class, which contains information about test execution. More...

Public Member Functions

long getDuration ()
 Returns test duration. More...
int getSamples ()
 Returns total number of completed samples (all responses from SUT) More...
String getSessionId ()
 Returns session id. More...
int getStartedSamples ()
 Returns total number of started samples (invokes) More...
WorkloadTask getTest ()
 Returns current test. More...
int getThreads ()
 Returns current number of threads, used by Jagger to generate load. More...
void setDuration (long duration)
void setSamples (int samples)
void setSessionId (String sessionId)
void setStartedSamples (int startedSamples)
void setTest (WorkloadTask test)
void setThreads (int threads)
 TestInfo ()
 TestInfo (WorkloadTask test, String sessionId)

Detailed Description

Class, which contains information about test execution.

Gribov Kirill

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